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Heart warming & pee your pants funny...
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We Three Kings:
recipe for  Christmas

Title: Recipe for  Christmas
Series: We three kings
Release Date: December 2024
Download the Ebook:
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'Tis the season for Nick King, the globetrotting culinary sensation, to spice up the family business, "Christmas Inn at Three Kings Ranch," in Bethlehem Falls. Ready to make his mark as head chef, Nick stirs up family bonds and an unexpected romance with Sam Sandoval, his brother's food-loving assistant.

As Nick starts feeling the warmth of home, his desire to plant roots deepens, fueled by Sam's cookbook publishing deal and a pinch of Christmas magic. But chaos ensues when a Hollywood dynamo eyes Nick for culinary stardom, throwing him into a gastronomic showdown. The ultimate dilemma surfaces – a dream offer for his cooking show that might mean leaving the cozy town and possibly Sam behind.

Caught in the mix of family, love, and Hollywood allure, Nick grapples with a decision that could redefine his destiny. Does he savor the homey flavors or take a big bite of the Tinseltown pie? In a delightful twist, Nick stirs up a plot to have his fruitcake and eat it too, with Sam at the center of it all.

Will Nick's culinary adventure be a recipe for success and love or an overcooked disaster?

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