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Heart warming & pee your pants funny...
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We Three Kings:
Chronicles of Christmas

Title: Chronicles of Christmas
Series: We three kings
Release Date: November 2024
Download the Ebook:
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'Tis the season for yuletide dilemmas as Chris King, the successful publisher turned writer, returns to Bethlehem Falls and "Three Kings Ranch." Fueled by nostalgia and holiday magic, he embraces a new chapter as a writer, unleashing the unexpected success of his series, "Adventures of Nick Christmas." Now, with the perfect jingling trifecta of writing, publishing, and owning a bookstore, Chris is ready to have his eggnog and drink it too.

Enter Devyn, the witty and strong-willed ranch hand, sparking a romance that makes Chris believe he can indeed have it all this holiday season. Yet, as he navigates family, dreams, and a budding love story, a rival disrupts the festive harmony, threatening to drag Chris back to the bustling city life he left behind.

Amidst holiday chaos, the clash between city and country life intensifies. Chris faces an agonizing choice, searching for a solution that honors family, passions, and newfound love.


Devyn, however, might just hold the key to enjoying his eggnog without compromising dreams.


Will their festive journey end with a holly jolly happily ever after, or will Chris's ghosts of Christmas past cast a shadow on the yuletide cheer?

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