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Heart warming & pee your pants funny...
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rumor has it

Romance, revenge and rumors... 

This Series has it all! Hottie heroes that’ll make you swoon, lovable leading ladies who can hold their own and a meddling small-town that serves gossip up like the dish of the day. 

From one-night-stands, to rekindling old flames these couples go from frenemies to lovers before you can spell Pine Valley! 

Rumor has it... that this is your next one-click rom-com series!

Sneaking Around.    -     Bed Buddies.    -     Risky Kisses

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Daddy Diaries Series

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If you HATE enemies to lovers, swoony hunks, strong sassy heroines, and surprise babies with a twist…this series isn’t for you!

From best-friends to baby daddies these three hard not to love everyday heroes will steal your heart as they tackle fatherhood and find love in the most unexpected places!


A charming firefighter, a loyal cop and a playboy EMT have one thing in common— their worlds are turned upside down by the surprise babies they never saw coming. The bro-code is going code blue as the hottie heroes trade beer steins and one-night stands for baby bottles and midnight feedings. 


If single dads, men in uniform and surprise babies are your thing... prepare to fall hard and fast for the men of daddy diaries!

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Faux-mance Series

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Faux-Mance: a fake romance that appears to be real to everyone surrounding the faux couple. Usually designed to distract, deceive, or mislead. 

The Faux-Mance Series will make you question everything you thought you knew about love - and you'll laugh  and swoon all the way to the end.

Fall in love with mismatched characters, quirky sidekicks, and off the charts chemistry between unlikely couples who start their relationship on a lie, and end up with hard won happily ever afters that will make you believe in love on a whole new level. 

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Mckenzie ridge novellas

Readers fell in love with the town of McKenzie Ridge in Romantic Suspense series of the the same name by Stephie's alter ego, Stephanie St. Klaire. The suspenseful endeavors may be over, but there is an entire town of fun loving quirky characters readers have come to love. 

Get lost in the small rustic mountain town of McKenzie Ridge with swoony reads that range from heartfelt, to panty melt and sure to give you a good chuckle. 

McKenzie Ridge has a long list of characters just waiting for their happily ever afters in the sweet town of McKenzie Ridge...and Stephie is bringing them to you!

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